The Top Bar in tasks for proofreading & quality checking


When proofreading or doing QC in Topcontent, you will see a top bar with useful information. This feature has been created to help people better understand who is working on a particular Phase.

We have introduced a “Levels” functionality to provide information to one’s working experience in Topcontent. It also reflects the efforts taken on the previous phase. This can be seen in the “Time spent” functionality.

Currently, levels do not affect the payments (or skills) in any way. Read about how remuneration is set here.

The view for Proofreading

Time spent

When proofreading, the time spent reflects how much time a writer has spent in Phase one.

Important! Important! Low time spent may be an indicator that the writer has not taken on board all instructions/feedback.

Please note that high time spent doesn’t necessarily mean the opposite; people may multitask and do other things in parallel to writing a task.


Each skill has a Level measurement based on this algorithm:

Level More than (words) Less than (words)
0 1 1000
1 1001 3000
2 3001 5000
3 5001 8000
4 8001 13000
5 13001 21000
6 21001 34000
7 34001 55000
8 55001 89000
9 89001 144000
10 144001 233000
11 233001 377000
12 377001 610000
13 610001 987000
14 987001 1597000
15 1597001 2584000
16 2584001 4181000
17 4181001 6765000
18 6765001 10946000
19 10946001 17711000


So, if a freelancer has done any amount of words in Writing EN (Phase One), and has just started proofreading (3600 words done), the “used skill” level will be 2 when he/she sends from Proofreading to Quality Check.

Total experience is calculated in the same way, but for all skills ever used in Topcontent.

The view for Quality Check

Quality Check has a more advanced view.


Quality Checker sees the levels of both Phase One and Proofreader.

Time spent

This also shows the total amount of time spent by proofreader, in all iterations.

Percentage changed

This shows how much has been changed from the first version (the one Proofreader received initially) and the current version before your eyes.


Iterations count all phases, so 4 iterations means:
1) Phase One “Send”
2) Proofreader “Return” (Reject)
3) Phase one “Send” again
4) Proofreader “Send” (Approve)

So “2” is great, “4” is fine, and more than 4 is something to pay attention to, as the task has been sent back and forth a lot.

Proofreader time spent in this scenario counts minutes spent in iterations 2 & 4.

Please note that this amount will be correctly calculated for tasks created after 2018-12-05.


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