How to write Cryptocurrency content

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about cryptocurrency. This guide will help you gain the knowledge you need to write content on this topic.

Where to start

As with any subject, you should do some research first. Start right where the source is: GOOGLE! Google is your friend! Google will help you out!

However, this doesn’t mean you can copy and paste and you are done. It’s not THAT easy 🙂

You need to identify the best and trustworthy sites with accurate information. Remember to use more than one site as your source. Using just one source becomes a complete copy and paste.

Always read the client’s instructions. This will help you understand where your focus should be.

Important Tips:


In the system, the rules for keywords are not correct. One keyword is often enough to set the “rule” to green, but it is important to reach 1-1.5% of keywords per amount of words.

Keywords should be evenly distributed throughout the text (singular AND plural).


  • The client would like source links to be added mid-sentence, linked to the content they are referring to.
  • Please ensure that you add good and quality links. Bad links are from competitors, not authoritative, not trustworthy or unknown or from blogs. Good links are from authority sites on the topic, business or news related sites.
Good domain examples Comment authority news site example authority news site example authority news site example authority business specific example authority news site example example of a news site article that can be used business specific authority website, no competitive intent authorative news site within tech authority site within the crypto field. no apparent competitive affiliate business information source, no competitor/competition intent


Bad examples Comment competitor competitor low quality, unknown, blog site low quality, no authority, no trustworthy low quality, no authority, not trustworthy low quality, competitor not authorative not authorative, not trustworthy not original source

An example from one of the client’s site (see the screenshot text and the link is:

Let’s get started!

This information should help you get started on writing your first text about cryptocurrency!

Don’t forget, when you submit your task, you may get some feedback to make some changes to improve. This will help you when you write more in the future.

Check out your taskboard for tasks!

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