A quick guide on using Copyscape

General information about Copyscape

At Topcontent we create search engine optimised texts which is why each block has keywords and rules where applicable.

Search Engines also value unique texts and penalise websites for plagiarism.
This is why for Content Tasks you see “Copyscape rate” on each phase. This check is done when the writer first submits the task and is visible to the proofreader who checks text and for quality checkers who accept it before sending to Client

For our writers

As a writer, you take pride in working in an ethical way, which means you would never copy text and adapt it as your own. Your skills is to write text that is unique (unless you are given specific guidelines in Task Instructions).
It’s super important that you do not re-use or rewrite texts from public sources, or your own texts. Content must be unique!

For our Proofreaders and Quality Checkers.

As a proofreader and/or a quality checker, you might experience texts that are not unique/have Copyscape hits

Here is a quick how-to do this:

  1. Scroll down the information column on the left of the page
  2. Underneath the tabs for ‘send’ ‘return’ ‘drop’ etc, you will see Copyscape.
  3. If there is ‘No’ next to Copyscape it means there is an issue.
  4. Please click on the ‘No’ and you will be directed to webpage that contains matching text.
  5. Once you’ve seen the issue, you can send the task back to writer explaining what needs to be fixed.

Super important stuff!

It’s so important that we give great feedback to fellow writers and proofreaders. The quicker they learn, the fewer mistakes they will make in the future – which means you will be able to check work more quickly without changes! Win-Win for all!

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