5 tips to help you write online sports betting articles

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And some tips:

  • Do not write about offshore sports betting as something positive. Inform the user about its downsides instead.
  • Please follow the content templates, do not add or change any headline or FAQ question.
  • Ensure that the keywords provided are used in a natural way. Putting too much weight on subkeywords and sprinkling them unnaturally is not correct.
  • For FAQ questions, please follow the instructions provided by the client on how to answer questions correctly.
  • More feedback can be found in this Google Doc.

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This information should help you get started on writing your first tasks. Always remember to GOOGLE the title and keywords.

These articles will not be checked prior to delivery, so please ensure the quality is acceptable. And also ensure you check for grammar and spelling errors with MS Word spelling feature or Grammarly (the best option is MS Word since it is more accurate).

Please use United States spelling and terms since the target audience are English (United States) readers, you can find a guide related to the country’s differences to help you here.

If you write several tasks, please ensure not to use similar content for different tasks (pages) for this same client. Plagiarism or similar content must be avoided.

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