How can I get help when working in Topcontent?

Topcontent has several ways for you to get help.

First and foremost, check our guides

We have put together lots of information to help you out. We have information on how to get started, introduction to writing and many writing examples. We also have a whole section on “how to’s”, but one of our biggest resources is our FAQs. Here you will find a ton of information to help you out. You can also search directly in our guides, to find exactly what you are looking for.

Send in to technical problems

If you have a specific task open in your Task Board and you are struggling to complete it, the looming deadline-clock which is ticking doesn’t really make the situation any easier. If you ever experience any technical problems with a task or for some other reason find that you can’t complete it within the set deadline, “technical problems” is your saviour. Check out this guide on deadlines too.

By clicking on the button “Drop”, you will get the option “Technical issue”. If you have any problems or questions regarding the task, choose “Technical issue”, note down your comments and wait for one of our Content Managers to check it for you. Doing so will freeze the deadline until the task has been returned back to you, but please note that once the task is returned, the deadline countdown will automatically start again. Technical problem tasks will be checked and returned by one of our Content Managers during our business hours (ie: not on weekends or at night).

Tasks should only be sent to technical problems if there is an issue with the task in question. If you have any problems with your own internet connection or availability, that is not a valid reason to send the task in to technical problems. Examples of when to send the task in includes if there is an issue with the content template (structure), keywords or instructions of the task.

Chat via the Support Section

If you can’t find the information you need through our guides, you can ask your question via the Support section in your account. You can start a chat and it will be checked and answered as soon as possible during working hours. If you have a question/issue about a specific task, you should not use the chat and you should send it in to technical problems.

Always remember, you are not alone and part of a great team of remote writers. There is always someone out there to answer your questions! Click this link to access all our guides at any time!

Happy writing and stay awesome!

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