How to write a unique and creative text

It can sometimes be challenging to write in a creative and interesting way; especially if you have quite a few similar or even identical texts to produce. 

Our editors have shared with us their tips on how to write in a creative way and to make sure the text is unique.

    1. Read the instructions carefully. Make sure you check the links included. Clients sometimes add example websites, which can give you an idea about the topic, tone and structure they expect.
    2. Write down your ideas about the given topic, product, service etc.
    3. Do your own research. Read other texts from the same industry on other reputable web pages (avoid blogs) and write down good points you found, as well as missing information. This way you can find inspiration about the topic.
    4. Make a list of questions you have asked yourself while reading other sources. Then, answer those questions directly, simply, and straightforwardly in your text.
    5. Use synonyms from an online thesaurus, but check how to use them correctly. Refer to examples of sentences to know if they are appropriate for your text.
    6. Use linking words to create fluent text.
    7. Re-read your written text out loud and listen for any repetitions. Reading out loud will help you to notice them straight away.
    8. Rebuild the sentences in different ways to find the simplest way to write the sentences and always keep the language alive.
    9. Ask yourself if you like your own text.

Here are some links with some useful information for you to check out:


Happy writing and stay awesome!


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