Deadlines, how they work!

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  • When is the deadline for my accepted task?

    The deadline can be found when opening the task. On the right-hand side, you will see a countdown to the deadline. Make sure to deliver your task before the countdown finishes, otherwise it will be dropped from you and become available for others. Unfinished tasks won’t be paid for so before you take on a task, make sure you have the time to complete it.

  • What should I do if I cannot meet the deadline on time?

    If something has come up and you definitely cannot finish the task, you are able to cancel your task at any time within the deadline. The task will automatically be dropped from you after 12 hours when the deadline has passed. But don’t forget, unfinished tasks won’t be paid for. More information about the consequences of letting tasks auto drop can be found under General Rules in the T&Cs.

  • Can I get an extension?

    To meet deadlines, we are not able to give extensions. The deadline is based on the length of the task and shouldn’t be a problem to meet.

  • My Task was auto dropped from me
    You must only accept tasks that you can work on immediately. Our clients need their tasks delivered within a quick turnaround time and once a task is accepted, no other contributor is able to take this task. If you engage in any of the following actions, this will be considered as going against our terms and conditions and your account will be removed:

    • Letting tasks expire (auto-dropped)
    • Dropping a task after a considerable amount of time has passed
    • Submitting incomplete tasks, and editing them later

    When accepting a task, please make sure you have the time, knowledge and skills to complete it within the deadline. Do not take a task if you cannot finish it on time. In circumstances where you cannot complete a task, you must make every effort to drop it immediately.

    When you accept a task, you will have two hours to start working on it. If no work has been done within two hours, this will be considered that you do not intend to finish this task within the deadline and it will be auto-dropped and sent back to the Task Board. The reason for this auto-drop is to eliminate the risk of the task not being completed within the deadline.

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