Deadlines, how they work!

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  • When is the deadline for my accepted task?

    The deadline can be found when opening the task. On the right-hand side, you will see a countdown to the deadline. Make sure to deliver your task before the countdown finishes, otherwise it will be dropped from you and become available for others. Unfinished tasks won’t be paid for so before you take on a task, make sure you have the time to complete it.

  • What should I do if I cannot meet the deadline on time?

    If you can’t finish the task within 12 hours, you can ask for more time. Please note that extension is not automatically granted and every case will be reviewed and assessed.

    If something has come up and you definitely cannot finish the task, you are able to cancel your task at any time within the deadline. The task will automatically be dropped from you after 12 hours when the deadline has passed. But don’t forget, unfinished tasks won’t be paid for. More information about the consequences of letting tasks auto drop can be found under General Rules in the T&Cs.

  • How do I request a deadline extension?

    Open up the task you need an extension on. Once you’re in the task, you will see a button that says “I need help with this task”.


    Click on the button and choose “I need more time to finish it”.

    This will be reviewed and you will automatically be notified if the extension was approved. Please note that the 24 hour deadline extension can be requested only once per task

  • Are there certain tasks where an extension is not possible?

    If a task was assigned to you by a Content Manager, and not a task you grabbed from the task board, then those tasks cannot have an extension. Assigned tasks are given with a specific deadline that cannot be changed.

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