Daily tasks notification

Will I be notified when tasks are available?

Yes! Every morning at 7am CET you will receive an email notifying you if tasks are available on your task board.

What if there are no tasks available?

If there are no tasks, then no email will be sent to you. That doesn’t mean that more tasks won’t be added throughout the day so it’s always worth checking the task board. The email only reflects what is available at that point in time.

Will I be updated as soon as tasks are added?

No, we don’t want to bombard you all the time when tasks are being added – as that happens a lot. The email is sent daily at 7am CET and it reflects the task board at that time. We might add more tasks throughout the day so keep checking the task board.

I checked but there are no tasks?

We have some super writers who are quick on their feet to grab tasks. Try and log in as quickly as you can to grab the tasks. Don’t forget, more tasks can be added throughout the day so keep checking your task board!

I haven’t received any emails

We have many busy languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, so updates could happen daily. Some languages might miss a day here and there if there is no work at that time. If you consistently don’t receive any emails, please check your spam/junk folder in case the email went there. Alternatively, just keep checking your task board through the day.

I don’t want to receive this email

That’s ok! You don’t have to 🙂 Just go to your profile and turn off daily notifications. If you ever change your mind, you can turn it back on!

Happy writing and stay awesome!

Between April and October, it will be 7am Central European Summer Time.

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