New tasks that are already started

What should you do with tasks that are written/started by another writer?

Usually, when choosing a writing task from your Task Board, the task is empty when you open it. It’s waiting for you to work your magic and write a brilliant text from scratch 🙂 (following the instructions given).

But sometimes, you might see tasks that are half or fully written, waiting “to be written”. The task already has text in it, but still says (and pays for) the “write” phase.

Why/when does this happen?

There are several reasons for this:

  1. A writer started the task, but didn’t want to complete it and therefore dropped it before completing it.
  2. A writer started the task, but didn’t complete it within the deadline. The task therefore got ‘auto-droped’ and returned to the task list.
  3. A writer completed the task, but it was returned from the proofreading stage and the writer didn’t correct it within the deadline. The task therefore got ‘auto-droped’ and returned to the task list.

If the task is already written, why can’t I just send it?

No matter the reason, a task written by someone else never equals “free money”.

It might seem tempting to open the task and deliver it as is, but doing so will cause you even more time in the long run. First of all, you will not get paid for the task until it is approved. In addition, not following the instructions and feedback given can result in you losing your writing-skill.

So what should I do?

  • Always check to see if the task has any feedback from the proofreader on the top of the page. This is what needs to be corrected before the task can be sent and approved.
  • Always read through the text that is already written. Delete/rewrite any text that can’t be used.
  • Always make sure that the instructions of the task are followed. The task might have been returned because it was written about the incorrect topic.
  • Never send the task without making sure you have done what is listed above and that you are happy to send the task with your name on it.

Remember! Once you re-send the task, you will be the responsible writer for the text. If the task still needs corrections, it will be returned to you.

Read up on how deadlines are set!

Happy writing and stay awesome!

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