Target Audience: How to Address the Reader

When you start typing, what do you do first? Do you roll up your sleeves and start writing, or do you stop for a moment to visualise the final text? 

Writing is not only putting paragraphs one after another; the text needs structure, clickable headlines, logical connections and an easy flow. But this you already knew from our How to Build Your Text from Start to Finish guide. Now it’s time to focus specifically on the reader and target audience of your text. So let’s go!

Who, What and Why?

How you say it is just as important as what you say. We give you instructions on the required tone of the text, but understanding who the reader really is takes your writing to a whole new level. 

Let’s take an example of a casino article.

The instructions for the tone is described as “friendly, informative and objective.” Let’s say that the site where the text will be published is Take a few seconds to visualize the reader; a casino game enthusiast who is looking for a new game whilst checking out the rules of an older game. They are looking up information about casinos in general, trying to understand wagering requirements etc. As a writer, you might not always know the site where the text will end up, but when you do, use this information for better targeting the reader.

People google when they want to know something and Google ranks sites according to the site that gives the best answers to a reader’s query. A great writer will anticipate the reader’s questions. 

Make all information easy to digest (use simple sentences, play with synonyms, vary sentence length and use strong topic sentences focusing on the topic) and ensure that your text answers the questions who, what, and why?

Step Into the Reader’s Shoes

If we continue on the casino example above, imagine you have been asked to write a review on King Casino. 

Let’s ill in the gaps:

Who =  a potential player, interested in King Casino and they might be thinking  “is this the right casino for me?” 

What = What does King Casino offer? What else is on the site?

Why = Why should the reader care? What are the benefits of King Casino? 

This simple 3-question formula can be used for other writing styles such as blogs. Describe and justify. When you can imagine what the reader is after, you can create a perfect text that satisfies their hunger for information.

Backup Your Article with Data

No one wants to feel fooled. For this reason, it’s important that the information in your article is correct and updated with credible information. Research and fact-checking give credibility to the article and the reader is more likely to return to this source when they need advice again. Think of yourself as a teacher and strive to explain content clearly and logically. Guide the readers through the text without dumbing them down –  and as we say at Topcontent – Happy Writing and Stay Awesome!

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