Removing Skills from a Freelancer’s Account

As a Freelancer, you can have skills (writing skills, proofreading skills, translation skills) removed from your profile if the quality of your work does not meet the standards required. Your account could also be deleted if you repeatedly don’t improve or if you don’t follow our Code of Conduct.

Here are some examples when you can have skills removed or an account could be deleted:

  • Using Google Translate. This is a big no. If a task has been translated with Google Translate, this will be returned back with feedback for the freelancer to rewrite. If the task repeatedly comes back the same, the account will be deleted. 
  • Refusing to correct tasks. If a task has not been corrected or just partly corrected and has been sent back to the writer more than once, or if a writer refuses to correct a returned task, the skill will be removed.
  • Letting tasks autodrop. If the writer repeatedly does not make the changes that has been sent to them through feedback, and lets the task autodrop and takes another new task, the account will be deleted. More information about this can be found in the T&Cs.
  • If a writer repeatedly lets a task drop and immediately retakes the task in order to extend the deadline of the task, the account will be deleted.
  • When quality of writing does not improve despite feedback being given. You can read more about this in the probation and offboarding process.
  • Reusing already published content in your tasks or taking content from another source and passing it off as your own work is forbidden and any freelancer engaging in this activity will be considered to be in breach of this contract. These issues will be investigated and they will result in the removal of your skills.
  • If a writer never does research and only writes in a generic way (filler content), and does not improve despite feedback given, the account will be deleted.
  • Not following instructions. If a freelancer repeatedly does not follow task instructions the account will be deleted.

As a policy, we tell our proofreaders to report any task that has been returned more than two times and still needs corrections. The proofreader will report this by sending the task to Technical Problems where one of our Content Managers will review the feedback given and edits made. If a freelancer is not able to follow the instructions/feedback given, or shows an overall poor quality, we will remove skills.

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