Code of Conduct

Communication is very important at Topcontent. We want to keep our freelancers updated and informed. We also want to give feedback so you can improve your skills as a writer, proofreader and translator.

Feedback communication:

When you give feedback, you must:

  1. Give feedback in an honest and open way
  2. Be respectful
  3. Not swear
  4. Give feedback to help the writer become better

When feedback is given to you, you must:

  1. Accept that  the feedback is there to help you improve
  2. Communicate back in a respectful way
  3. Not swear

The way we work:

Topcontent has guidelines and policies that make sense for the business. Our guidelines and policies are designed in a way that is proven to be best for Topcontent. If you decide to write with Topcontent, it’s important you are aligned with how Topcontent works.

Our Code of Conduct

  1. Never swear
  2. Never be rude
  3. Always be respectful
  4. Give feedback that matters and helps improve a fellow writer
  5. Accept our policies and how we work

If you disagree with something and express your view, it’s very important that you do this in a respectful way.

If you would like to complain about something, please also be respectful.

If you engage in arguments and cannot accept the feedback that is given to you, you will be removed.

Be open, give feedback, receive feedback and have a voice – but always be respectful.

Please see other reasons why skills may be removed or your account is deleted.

Happy writing and stay awesome!


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