How to write fashion product descriptions

Is writing fashion product descriptions for you?

Of course! Do you find them challenging? Don’t worry! You don’t need to be a fashion influencer in order to write fashion category descriptions. We have created a video for you to help get you started.

The information you need is right here…

One of our proofreaders created a very informative video. Just watch the video, create the content and you will be an expert in no time.

Click here and watch the video now!

Additional tips:

  1. Remember to include the brand name in the first paragraph
  2. Capitalise the first letter of each word in the H1- Beautiful Black Boots
  3. Use synonyms such as classy, sophisticated, elegant
  4. Speak to the reader as an individual
  5. Use transition words- aim for at least 25%
  6. Avoid passive forms
  7. Avoid American spelling versions – color vs. colour
  8. Avoid negative writing tones, such as buying tops is frustrating
  9. Avoid abbreviations and slang, such as ok or LBB
  10. Make headings engaging
  11. Don’t mention sales, discounts and free shipping
  12. Avoid capitalising words in paragraphs- You will LOVE

Now let’s get started!

This information should help you get started on writing your first fashion descriptions. Always remember to GOOGLE the brand and the product item.

And don’t forget, when you submit your task, you may get some feedback from proofreaders to make some changes to improve. This will help you when you write more descriptions in the future. 

And in case you encounter any difficulty, read this guide on how to get help

Happy writing and stay awesome!

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