Becoming a Translator

If you think you have the skills to be a translator, we would love to give you the opportunity to be one with us.

Becoming a translator is great because it widens your opportunity to do both writing and translating with us.

  • How do I become a Translator?

    Great question and one we get a lot!

    Just log into your account and in the top-right corner you will see a menu. Select ‘Translation Tests’.

    Once you click there, you will see the options available to you, based on your language, for translation skills that you can apply for. If you don’t see a particular translation direction, then that means we’re not looking for translators right now.

    Click on apply and then take the test! Your test is sent to a Content Manager to review and if all is approved, you will become a translator too!

  • When will I know if my test is successful?

    We have language tests for many translation directions, however we may not have tasks available right now for you to translate.

    If you signed up to take the test based on a call for Translators, you can expect a more timely review as we have work available right now. If you have just signed up as a Writer and then decided to take the translation tests, this will take longer (expect a few weeks) as we won’t have any work to be done right now.

    Don’t worry though, your test is safe and sound in the system waiting for the right moment. Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete the test.

  • For some extra inspiration...

    Check out our blogs for more tips and tricks on being a writer with Topcontent or read up on our guides on Introduction to Translations.

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