Business Quality Writing

Let’s start by explaining what business quality means.

First of all, we always deliver amazing quality to our clients. Some clients opt for business quality as opposed to standard quality and usually this is because their requirements are different than a normal order. Clients who are looking for business quality require the type of content that requires more work, research and time when writing the content.

That’s why you are paid more when you write business quality. The client also pays more when they order this type of quality so it’s really important that we get it right!

  • Standard Quality vs Business Quality for Content

    Business Quality

    This is text that’s written in order to both drive traffic and increase the client’s conversion rate. These are high-quality texts on which the writer will spend a lot of time and effort. This text is suitable for webshops in segments where high quality is important.

    Standard Quality

    This option is suitable if the client needs a lot of text and want us to take care of the research. This is suitable for satellite sites, affiliate sites and blog posts where the client is not trying to convert the reader to perform an action or make a purchase.

    In other words, we recommend the standard quality option for our clients for content that is for websites that are of lower importance. In casino context, that would be satellite sites, such as typical casino information sites.

    We recommend the Business quality to our clients when the text is for a site that has the intention to get the user (reader) to perform an action. This covers any webshop (they are selling products), casino money sites (affiliate sites that are sending players to the operators), and operator sites (on-page content for the casino itself).

  • Standard Quality vs Business Quality for Translations

    Standard quality

    A correct translation. No spelling or grammar errors.

    A good choice for bulk volumes, satellite sites etc.


    Business quality

    The translator is given more time to make sure the translated text feels natural to read (does not feel translated) but instead feels like it has been written from scratch in the target language.

    This is great for onsite content where high quality is of great importance.

    The biggest difference between the two levels is that the writers get more time to provide a more natural flowing translation when choosing the BQ quality. They don’t only translate, they also rewrite sentences to make sure they feel like they’ve been written in the target language, and not translated. 

    The standard quality option is, of course, technically correct and without spelling or grammar mistakes, but without any major rebuilding of sentence structure.

  • What are the main characteristics of Business Quality content?

    Many characteristics are actually similar to standard quality! But there are few additions:

    • Excellent spelling, grammar and flow.
    • Well-researched and factually correct information which offers the reader deeper insight into the topic.
    • There is a common theme throughout including a proper introduction and conclusion.
    • The tone and style of the text is adapted specifically to the target group.
    • The content should often encourage an action (ie: get the reader to buy a product, sign up to a casino, play a game etc). This can be achieved through engaging language and good CTAs.

    Important tip! “Less is more”

    The text should convey information efficiently. Please avoid filler words/sentences and no repetitions. If you can convey the message in 10 words as opposed to 100, then you’re on the right track!

    If you want to read some examples of business quality writing, click here!

    Always remember:

    Double-check instructions have been followed – you won’t regret it!

  • How do you become a Business Quality writer?

    Our content managers quality checks all the writing that is done by our writers. When our content managers come across writing which is clearly written by an experienced writer (and likely minimal changes during proofreading takes place) they will contact the writer to see if they are interested in writing business-quality content. If you are already an experienced writer and have sample texts to show to, feel free to contact us directly and we will assess if the skill can be added. 

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