Non Disclosure Agreement

A Non Disclosure Agreement, commonly known as NDA, is an agreement between two or more parties who promise that all information between them will be kept strictly confidential.

How does it work with Topcontent?

As a freelancer, you write, proofread, edit or translate content for Topcontent’s clients. By agreeing to this NDA, you are promising never to disclose any information about the texts you have access to. You are not allowed to copy the texts or show them to anyone else.

Can I mention that I work for Topcontent?

Yes, you can! It’s not a secret to work with us. You can share our name with anyone you want. The confidential information is about the clients and the texts/tasks you have access to and/or are writing. You can refer to our terms and conditions for more information about confidentiality.

Do I need to do anything or sign anything?

When you sign up as a freelancer you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and the NDA is part of this. 

To summarise…

All information you can see and have access to in Topcontent is completely confidential and for your eyes only. Never download or copy text you have written. Never show this text to anyone else. Never share information you see such as information about the client or task you are writing for.

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