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Most common slot games terms explained

Slot, Video Slot, Slot Machine, Fruit Machine The first games to go online. Consist of a number of reels (normally 3 or 5) that have various symbols. To win a payout the player needs to get three or more identical symbols or another specified combination of symbols on a chosen payline or paylines. It is played by ‘spinning’ (clicking a spin button) the reels.
Symbols The different icons in various wheels.
Payline A sequence of positions on a reel that read from left to right. When playing an online slot game, the player is usually betting on a number of paylines. If a winning combination of symbols forms on the payline, the player will receive a payout.
Spin The spin button activates the reels to see if the player wins or not. Before the spin, a bet must be placed on a chosen payline/s.
Wild Wild symbols substitute for symbols to form winning combinations.
Scatter In classic slot games, the scatter symbol (cherries) used to pay out wherever they landed on the reels, payline or not. In modern digital slot games, it is more common that a specified number of scatter symbols on a single spin will bring the player a bonus round, which varies from a number of free spins to fully interactive bonus games.
Bonus game A secondary game within a slot game which is triggered e.g. by a number of scatter symbols.
Jackpot The top prize a video slot can pay out.
Progressive Jackpot A jackpot that continues to grow during the game until it is won.
RTP (Return to Player) A term that is used to describe the percentage of any wagered money that will be paid back to a player over time from slot machine games. The higher the percentage, the better it is for the player.

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