How to write a casino review

I don’t know what a Standard Casino Review is!

Don’t worry! Breathe! You don’t need to be a casino expert in order to write casino reviews. It’s actually a lot easier than people think. We have a ton of information for you to help get you started.

As a basis, a casino review will have an introduction and a conclusion and will go through the pros and cons of the casino. Think useful information is what a customer would need to know.

The information you need is at your fingertips…

Start right where the source is: the casino’s homepage! Where else would be a better starting point than where the key information is? Next step… GOOGLE!

Google is your best friend! So yes, you guessed it – Google will help you out a lot!

You can easily find information on the casino by typing “[insert casino’s name] casino review” on Google. This doesn’t mean you can copy and paste and you are done. It’s not THAT easy 🙂

First of all, you need to use more than one review as your source of information. Using one source just becomes a complete copy and paste.

Important Tip:

The information on the review you have found on Google might be out of date. Please remember to check the facts on the casino’s website.

How do I write a Casino review?

Standard casino reviews contain the following information:

    • Introduction to the casino: Information about its history, image (design and overall look of the site), target audience.
    • Games offered: An overview of the types of games available, suppliers etc.
    • Bonuses and free spins: Information about welcome offers; bonuses and free spins the casino offers its members.
    • Support: Information about the customer service; which languages are spoken, opening hours, how they can be reached.
    • Payment options: How you can make deposits and withdrawals.
    • Security: Any information about the security of this casino would be important to add too.

Step 1: Do some research

As mentioned above, starting at the source – the actual homepage of the casino – is a great place to start. Do a quick google search too and there is a lot of information there that will give you a good feel of what the casino is about. This is a great way to start writing the review.

Step 2: Write about the games offered

You’ll need to write about the actual games that are being offered. What type of games are offered? Is it more about sports betting? Or live casino? Are there any games in particular that are dominant in this particular casino? Can you write about the user’s experience? Is the web page user-friendly? Basically, the reader needs to get an understanding of what type of games they will encounter and what their experience using the site will feel like.

Step 3: Bonuses and free spins

At the heart of every casino and every happy customer are bonuses and free spins. This is a major part of every casino. You do need to educate yourself about this, so a good source to read up on this is Every casino is always changing their bonuses on a regular basis. They are always testing and trying new things. It’s super important you get this information directly from the casino itself and not other sources because that information may not be up to date.

Step 4: The details are important

You’ll need to write about the important stuff related to the casino. This includes payment options, customer support offered, different suppliers etc. This may not necessarily be the most fun part to write about, but it’s certainly an important part to include in the review. Write about important details that the customer would want to know – like how long does it take for them to receive their payout? Do they have different payment options? How many games do they have?

Step 5: Your (tone of) voice matters!

Your voice always matters! When writing a review, the way you write, your tone of voice, your writing style is super important! When people read, they only have words on a paper. Create a style that will help them actually visualise how this content is being written. If written in a creative way, it will help readers retain this information more. Think fun and engaging! HOWEVER… also, think objective and informative. This review is not about your own personal opinion. So make it sound fun, have fun writing it, but it must ALWAYS be informative and objective.

We know you might need some additional resources, so we want to give you some extra help. We’ve put together a Casino Terminology Guide that you’ll probably find interesting!

Let’s get started!

This information should help you get started on writing your first Standard Casino Review!

Don’t forget, when you submit your task, you may get some feedback to make some changes to improve. This will help you when you write more reviews in the future. And, if you would like to read an example of how a casino review has actually been written, click here to read some examples!

And in case you encounter any difficulty, read this guide on how to get help

Happy writing and stay awesome!

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