Topcontent Quality Levels

At Topcontent, we have three different quality types of content that our clients can choose from:

  1. Standard Quality (SQ)
  2. Business Quality (BQ)
  3. Raw Quality (RAW)

These quality types can be for both content (written text from scratch) and translations (translated text based on a source text). 

As a freelancer with Topcontent, you will have access to the tasks based on the quality type you are eligible to write/translate with. These different quality types of content are referred to as quality skills or skill levels.

This means that as a freelancer in Topcontent, you will have access to different tasks, depending on your assigned quality skills. This guide will walk you through the different quality skills and how they differ from each other.

  • Standard Quality (SQ)

    When you sign up as a freelancer with us and choose your native language, you will automatically be able to start writing Standard Quality tasks (texts). Some languages will require a short test or sample text before you can access these tasks.

    Standard Quality tasks go through two phases:

    1. Phase one (Writing or Translating)
    2. Proofreading

    If you are writing or translating the task from scratch, your text will be checked by a proofreader. If you show really good quality and complete a lot of SQ writing tasks and/or if you have extensive past experience, your skills might be upgraded. Starting from SQ, skills that can be added include proofreading, Business Quality (writing/proofreading), and RAW (writing).

    Tasks completed by Standard Quality proofreaders will be sent directly to the client.

    If the proofreader finds a lot of mistakes, feedback will be given back to the writer and you will need to fix the errors. If the mistakes are so bad, or you refuse to fix them, then this skill may be removed from you and you will be unable to write anything else.


    Tasks are sent directly to the client from proofreading so our SQ proofreaders are trusted with a huge responsibility to make sure that all tasks follow the instructions given and are of good quality. A task can be returned from the client back to the proofreader if the client finds anything that needs to be corrected.

  • Business Quality (BQ)

    Business Quality tasks go through three phases:

    1. Phase one (Writing or Translating)
    2. Proofreading
    3. Quality Check (QC)

    Business Quality is similar to Standard Quality however for this type of quality, the client is normally looking for content that requires more research. The expectations of the client are normally more detailed and specific which is why a Quality Check is introduced here. 

    A quality check is similar to proofreading the proofreader’s work to ensure that the client’s expectations will be met. Again, if there are errors, feedback will be given back to the proofreader and they will need to fix the errors. The task will go directly from Quality Check to the client, and may be returned back to Quality Check from the client if any edits are needed.


    The room for error here is minimal as we are striving for perfection. Clients pay more for this content due to the high quality and thorough checks, and freelancers are also paid more to complete these tasks due to the added work required.

    More information on Business Quality can be found here.

  • Raw Quality (RAW)

    RAW Quality tasks go through one phase:

    1. Writing

    These writing tasks will go straight to the client once they have been written. This means that no proofreader is checking the writer’s work – only the client. If you have this skill, it means that we trust that your writing skills are good enough to not require a proofreader to check your work. This also means that writers with this skill can get tasks returned directly from the client with feedback for corrections. A task is not completed (and therefore not paid) until the client has approved it.

    Super Important!

    Clients who order this type of quality will be doing the proofreading themselves which means it’s very important that we have skilled writers writing RAW quality content. If the client is happy, they can choose to “favourite” the writer which means you will be the preferred writer for them and therefore you will have more work available to you. If the client is unhappy and you have not done a good job, the client can choose to remove you from writing their content. Topcontent may choose to remove this quality skill from you altogether.

Before you get started as a writer with us, check out all our writing guides. They are designed to help you out. And if you’ve been a writer with us already, it’s always good to refresh your memory!

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