Topcontent Quality Levels & Task Phases

At Topcontent, we have three different quality types of content that our clients can choose from:

  1. Raw Quality (RAW) – One Phase
  2. Standard Quality (SQ) – Two Phases
  3. Business Quality (BQ) – Three Phases

These quality types can be for both content (text written from scratch) and translations (translated text based on a source text). 

As a freelancer with Topcontent, you will have access to the tasks based on the quality type you are eligible to write or translate with. These different quality types of content are referred to as quality skills or skill levels. All freelancers begin with SQ skills. 

Take a look at the infographic below to better understand the levels:

Quality levels for content infographic

Freelancer FAQ

  • Why can I only start with SQ skills?

    When skills are added to your account for the first time, they will be SQ skills. Since many of our languages require no writing sample to get started, this is done as a quality control measure. Even skilled writers joining our team are often new to the type of content we produce.

    Standard Quality tasks are a great place to get started on your journey as a writer with Topcontent because a Proofreader will always review your work and provide you with feedback.

    What other benefits are there?

    • You get to understand how our system works without pressure
    • You have the opportunity to improve as a writer with the Proofreader’s feedback

    But I want more skills and more work!

    Don’t worry! More skills can be added in the future based on performance and demand. Read the rest of this guide for more information.

  • How can I get RAW or BQ skills?

    When are new skills added?

    Skills are added depending on a freelancer’s performance as well as the demand for certain skills. This demand often changes based on our clients’ needs.

    If we see that you’ve been consistently working with us and are doing a great job with SQ tasks, RAW or BQ skills might be added.

    High performance looks like:

    • Submitting high-quality text on the first try
    • Responding well to Proofreader feedback
    • High average W2W and Client Ratings (3.7+)

    If demand is high

    Sometimes when we get new clients or have new projects, our demand for certain skills will quickly increase. In this case, Topcontent will reach out to active writers about adding skills.

  • What's expected for RAW or BQ skills?

    Raw Quality skills

    These writing tasks will go straight to the client once they have been written. This means that no proofreader is checking the writer’s work – only the client.

    If you have this skill, it means that we trust that your writing skills are good enough to not require a proofreader to check your work. This also means that writers with this skill can get tasks returned directly from the client with feedback for corrections.

    We expect writers with RAW skills to appropriately respond to client feedback and make all corrections requested.

    Business Quality skills

    Business Quality is similar to Standard Quality. However, for this type of quality, the client is normally looking for content that requires more research. The expectations of the client are normally more detailed and specific, which is why a Quality Check is introduced here. 

    The room for error here is minimal as we are striving for perfection. Clients pay more for this content due to the high quality and thorough checks, and freelancers are also paid more to complete these tasks due to the extra work required.

  • How can I become a Proofreader or Quality Checker?

    Writers can get proofreading and quality check skills once they have proven their work to be of high quality. We have a guide that further explains this process.

    Proofreaders and Quality Checkers are expected to:

    • Have advanced knowledge of grammar
    • Have experience in the types of texts we produce (iGaming, Product and Category Descriptions, etc.)
    • Interact professionally with other freelancers
    • Make all corrections requested by QC or Clients
    Some languages require potential Proofreaders and Quality Checkers to complete a test task prior to skill addition.

    What about the Quality Check phase?

    The third phase for BQ tasks is Quality Check, which is similar to proofreading the Proofreader’s work to ensure that the client’s expectations will be met. QC skills will only be given to freelancers after proving their success as a Proofreader.

    Just like for writers, if there are errors, Proofreaders are expected to make all corrections according to the feedback of the Quality Checker. 

Happy Writing!

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