Accepting and submitting tasks

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In case you encounter any difficulty, we have online chat available at certain times. One of our Content Managers will help you out!

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  • How do I receive tasks?

    You will see all the available tasks in your languages in your personalised Task List. The tasks are on a “first come, first served” basis, so make sure to accept the tasks you want to do immediately.

    Click on “Start Task”, read the instructions on the right hand side and write/translate accordingly.

    A pending task is the task that you’re currently writing / translating / proofreading. This means that it is active and reserved for you for 12 hours. If you do not accomplish it within the time limit, the task will be available again for all freelancers. You need to “Drop” or “Send” a task in order to be able to take a new one.

  • What are different types of tasks on Task Board?
    All Tasks Shows all tasks available in your target language(s).
    Public Tasks First to come, first to serve basis tasks. Click on “Start tasks” and start working.
    Private Tasks Tasks, that have assigned by Content Managers, to a specific freelancer. These tasks are visible only to the person they’ve been assigned to.
    Returned Tasks Tasks, that need some corrections to be made, and are not accepted (paid) until edits have been successfully made.
  • How much am I expected to translate/proofread in a week?

    It is entirely up to you. When you start working in Topcontent, you have a limit of pending tasks (tasks that have not yet been approved by a proofreader or quality checker) of €25 per skill. As soon as one task is approved, you are able to take on a new task. In addition to this, your limit of pending task will increase. The more tasks you do that are approved, the higher your limit of pending tasks will be.

  • Can you guarantee me a certain amount of tasks to do per week?

    No, unfortunately not. The amount of orders we receive varies from time to time and that means we cannot always guarantee that there will be a certain amount of tasks. Our tasks are on a “first come, first served” basis, and the more active you are, the higher chance you have to get the amount of work you want.

  • Why can't I start tasks?

    If you have just started writing with us, tasks available on your Task Board will be limited. Freelancers start with 15 € credit, that they can do before tasks get approved. This is to make sure our writers have the quality we need. Just think of it as a “testing phase” but you get paid for it. If we’re happy with the text, we will add points to your profile. The more points you have, the more work you will be able to take.

    If your Task Board is empty, its because we don’t have an active project on that language. When a new task is made available you will receive an e-mail.

  • When will I be able to take more tasks?

    As soon as your task has been approved, you will be able to take more tasks. You should receive an email notification about this. Alternatively, check the Task Board daily for updates.

  • I can see available tasks but I can't take any more?

    The task-board will show up to 50 (or less) available tasks. But until your points have been added to your profile, you will only be allowed/able/permitted to take up to a certain limit.

  • I've taken a task that already has some writing done!

    Yes! This can happen from time to time. Click here to read more about this.

  • How can I get more points?

    When you write with good quality, and your work is approved, we add on points to your profile. So, the higher the quality of your work is, which includes your ability to write according to the instructions, then the more points you will get, and you will see more available tasks. Increasing your points can happen very quickly if your quality is good!

  • What do I do once I have taken on a task?

    You have the accepted task available for 12 hours. After 12 hours, the task will be automatically removed from you and be available for other translators or proofreaders. Don’t worry! Usually 12 hours is more than enough for even a larger 2000 word article.

  • But what if I need more time?

    Deadlines are set because we need to send the content or translations back to the client. However, we also have a process in case you need an extension. You can read about this here.

  • Is there any possibility to work offline?

    No. One of the system’s best assets is its functionality and speed, and working offline would limit these factors.

  • Can I submit the finished tasks through email?

    No. We will only accept tasks submitted through Topcontent.

  • When will there be more available tasks for me?

    We will upload new tasks to the system when we receive an order from our clients. There’s no fixed schedule, and the best thing to do is to get a habit of logging in to Topcontent every day to check what’s new. We also send email alerts when something new has been added. Languages like Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish are really busy so there is usually plenty of work available!

  • If I do not want to take on tasks for a little while, what should I do?

    If you want to pause your work with us for one reason or another, you just do not take on any new tasks that you can see in your Task List. When you are ready to start working again, just log back in.

  • How can I become a translator/add more translation languages?

    Go to, click on “Choose language direction” and select the language pair you want to apply for. You’ll be redirected to a translation test, and if you complete it successfully, you’ll have the new language direction pair added in you profile and you’ll be able to see tasks in that language pair in your “Task Board”.

    We are receiving a lot of applications, and approving a new language direction might take a week or more. We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to reading your translation test!

  • What does “Send” mean?

    Complete your task according to the instructions and simply press “Send”. This means that your task has been submitted. It will be checked by our content managers and once approved, you will then be paid.

  • What does “Send with comments” mean?

    Complete your task according to the instructions and add comments to the editor. This means that your task has been submitted with things you would like to point out.

  • What does “Drop” mean?

    If you decide not to continue with the pending task, press “Drop” and task will be available for other freelancers. Please note that text fields autosave text, so it’s possible to find deliverables on Task Board that have already text in them. This is because previous writer started a task, but dropped it later.

  • What does “I can not finish this task, help me” mean?
    Technical problem You find a technical error that prevents you from pressing send, drop or return. If you don’t report technical errors that don’t allow you to finish a task, there’s a risk that the task gets auto-dropped after 12 hours.
    I need more time to finish it If you can’t finish the task within 12 hours, you can ask for more time. Please note that extension is not automatically granted and your content manager will review this.
  • What is the bug/idea button for?

    You can report a technical bug if you detect that something is not working as it should. An example is that you may notice that the word-counter is wrong. Any suspicious thing/activity can be verified/reported via chat so please chat with us if you encounter this problem.

    To create a good bug report and help our development team find and fix it faster, please include some additional information:

    • The page where you have found a bug
    • Describe the sequence of activities how to reproduce this bug
    • Make and attach screenshots

    Ideas are a great way to improve the system and make it more effective and user-friendly. If you have an idea about how something could be done better, please let us know. Better yet, attach screenshots and describe the idea in as much detail as possible to help our tech team work on it.

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