An overview of how it works

We’ve put together an overview of how it all works. We know some people really want the details before signing up as a writer.

  • Are there any requirements for joining?

    The main requirement is that you are proficient in the language that you are writing in. It’s important that you have flawless grammar and sentence structure and write as a native.

    No previous experience is needed, as long as your writing is pretty much perfect.

    Of course, you must enjoy writing and researching about the topics you will need to write about!

  • What will I write about?

    We have a wide Variety of topics that we need writers to write about. The top topics are:

    • Casino & sports betting
    • Online gaming & entertainment
    • Travel and health
    • Food and drink
  • When can I write?

    As a freelancer, you decide when to write and how much work you want to take on board! It’s in your hands, it’s your call!

    Once you do decide to take a task, there is a deadline assigned to it. The deadline can be found when opening the task. On the right-hand side, you will see a countdown to the deadline. Make sure to deliver your task before the countdown finishes. More information can be found in our deadline FAQs.

  • Will I be notified when tasks are available?

    Yes! Every morning at 7am CET you will receive an email notifying you if tasks are available on your task board. Learn more.

  • How much will I get paid?

    We pay a fixed price for each task. You can see how much each task is worth in your task list, which you can find under your Task Board. You will always see upfront how much you will get paid before you even take the task to write.

  • Can you give me an approximate amount on how much I could be paid?

    We can’t give this because it depends on the type of article and the length. We recommend that you sign up as from there you  will see the work available and how much you could earn for each task. Don’t forget, we have a lot of resources and guides to help you out so that you can quickly gain the skills and knowledge to be a better writer.

    We have some more information about payments in our compensation FAQ.

  • Ready to get started?

    We have detailed frequently asked questions for you if you want to read a little more before signing up. Otherwise, if you’re ready to come on board, sign up here!

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