• Becoming a Translator

    At Topcontent, we are always looking for freelance translators to join our team! Read more on how you can become a translator with us here.

  • Introduction to Translating Content

    Tips and tricks on how to become a pro at translating content with Topcontent!

  • Translations

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about translations, including machine translating with Google Translate.

  • Localisation tips

    Some tips and tricks on how to localise translations in Topcontent, including different currencies, measurements etc!

  • Examples of good vs bad translations

    A guide explaining what is expected in a good translation, with examples of good vs bad translations in English to Swedish, English to Norwegian and English to Finnish.

  • Legal & technical translations

    Some tips on how to tackle Legal & technical translations in Topcontent!

  • How to proofread translations

    At Topcontent, we encourage our freelancers to give feedback in order to continuously help fellow translators improve their work. Learn more about proofreading translations here!

  • How to quality check translations

    Quality Check (QC) is done to ensure that the translation meets all the client’s requirements and is translated flawlessly. As the person doing the QC, you are checking to see whether the proofreader has done a great job. Learn more in our guide!