Introduction to Quality Checking

Amazing news! You now have the skill of Quality Checking the content that has been written and proofread by fellow writers. This is such a super important skill to have and shows that you’ve done great work with us. Not many get this skill, so congratulations!

Quality Check is an additional phase included in Business Quality tasks. You can think of it as a second round of proofreading. QC doubly ensures that the text meets all the client’s requirements and is written flawlessly.

Our goal in the QC stage is to be able to approve all text without any changes, which means the proofreader did a fantastic job.

What is expected from you as a Quality Checker?

Given that our Quality Checkers already have experience proofreading with us, the transition should be simple.

There are three main differences between Proofreading and Quality Check:

  1. You will now be communicating with and returning tasks to the proofreader instead of the writer.
  2. You will deliver all tasks in this phase directly to the client. (That’s why it’s so important!)
  3. You are responsible for making corrections if a client returns a task.

The process for Quality Check is the same as it is for Proofreading. You can refresh your memory on our expectations for proofreading here. If the text does not fulfil the requirements, return the task to the proofreader. This could be due to:

    • The instructions not being followed
    • Problems with structure or flow
    • Many punctuation and spelling errors 

Be nice but be specific!

Remember, as a Quality Checker, you have the final call in sending the task to the Client. It’s so important that we give great feedback to proofreaders. The quicker they learn, the fewer mistakes they will make in the future – which means you will be able to QC more quickly without ANY changes! Win-Win for all!

And in case you encounter any difficulty, please reach out to us. We are happy to help. 

Happy quality checking and stay awesome!

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