Examples of good vs bad translations

A good translation transfers the meaning of the text, not the words!

What is expected in a good translation?

A good, natural translation should sound like it was originally written in the target language. If the text that has been translated actually sounds bad in that language, our job is to translate it in a way that reads well in the translated language and as always, sounds like it was written in that native language.

We have a few examples from our most common languages for you to have a look at!

  1. English to Swedish
  2. English to Norwegian
  3. English to Finnish

Ready to get started?

This information should help you get started.

Don’t forget, when you submit your task, you may get some feedback to make some changes to improve. This will help you when you translate more text in the future. 

Oh, and once again:

Double-check instructions have been followed – you won’t regret it!

And in case you encounter any difficulty, we have online chat available at certain times. One of our Content Managers will help you out!

Happy translating and stay awesome!

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