How to write the new standard short casino articles

Are casino short articles for you?

Of course! Do you find them challenging? Don’t worry! You don’t need to be a casino expert to write these texts. We have created some tips to help get you started.

Read the guide

You can always check the guide on how to write casino reviews and some terminology and websites to help you.

Follow the structure


Give an overview of the casino (100-150 words) with some of the following information:

  • When it was established
  • Which licenses it holds
  • What it offers
  • Who is the casino owner
  • Name a few casino providers

Security and licensing

  • Which security measures does it employ
  • Which license does it hold?

Responsible gambling

  • Does the casino offer any tool for issues regarding gambling
  • Which limits can be set?

Casino games

  • How many games are there
  • Which providers are there?

Payment methods

  • Which payment methods does it offer (put the information in bullet lists in alphabetical order)
  • Maximum and minimum deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Are there processing fees and/or withdrawal times?

Mobile gaming

  • Does the casino offer an app?
  • Which devices is it compatible with?

Customer support

  • Which channels of support are available?
  • Is the support team polite and friendly?
  • How is their response tim?
  • Is the support service available 24/7?

Additional tips!

  • Always remember to GOOGLE the title and keywords.
  • Please follow the instructions, such as formal tone requested by the client.
  • Do not start different paragraphs with the same wording.
  • Respect the EXACT headings and remove full stops from headings.
  • Do not write in first person, such as “our support team”.
  • Do not use fillers or fluff
  • Do not use overstatements such as “It is an amazing casino that everyone will love”.
  • Do not imply readers can make money.
  • Aim to keep all paragraphs the same length (as much as possible).
  • Provide the reader with as much information as possible – don’t say things like “There are many payment methods at this casino. For more information, go to the payment section to find out more”.
  • Use as many synonyms as possible.
  • Use transition words naturally.
  • Avoid overusing: THERE IS / THERE ARE / VERY / IT IS / AND
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors with MS Word spelling feature or Grammarly (the best option is MS Word since it is more accurate).
  • If you write several tasks, do not to use similar content for different tasks (pages) for this same client. Plagiarism or similar content must be avoided.

Check the sample text

And in case you encounter any difficulty, read this guide on how to get help


Happy writing and stay awesome!

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