Introduction to writing

Congratulations on becoming a writer with us! Writing content can be an awesome way for you to earn money whilst embracing a new way of working. Writing with us will allow you to enjoy the freedom of working whenever and from wherever you like. We have some tips for you to help you become a great writer.

On the taskboard, you will be able to see all available tasks for you to choose from. The task you have chosen to write is for a specific client. Clients will have specific needs and requirements in order for us to deliver the writing for them in the best way possible.

When grabbing a task to write, you will always have instructions that will help you identify the style and technique you need to write and complete the task. These instructions, together with your language skills and work ethic, will surely produce amazing content.

We want to help as much as we can!

How can anyone improve without receiving feedback? You’re not alone when you join us. You’re part of a bigger team that is working alongside you to deliver great work. Once you submit your task, a fellow freelancer will be proofreading what you have written. They will also run your text through an online tool just to make sure that none of the content has been plagiarized – we need to make sure all content is unique!

After checking the content, if we think that maybe it could be improved, we’re going to get back to you with feedback and advice on how you can improve your writing. The more feedback you get, the more you will improve and learn and the quicker you will be able to write other tasks in the future. The quicker and better you are, the more you can write so the more you can earn! Win-win for everyone!

What we need you to do

Reading all instructions is really important. It will really guide you on how the content should be written and also ensure that you deliver quality content at the first attempt. Remember, instructions come from the client so it’s important we deliver what they need.

Some instructions will include links and keywords that will be required when you write the text. It’s important that you understand how these need to be written and where they need to be included. Read the instructions carefully every time you start a new task.

Writing is all about technique! We want your creative juices to flow alongside the technique that is required to produce great content. Here are some tips and tricks for you to follow!                      

  1. Use logical connections between ideas. The reader should never have to pause to try and understand the connection.
  2. Open paragraphs by using strong first sentences. This will indicate to the reader what the focus/topic of that paragraph is.
  3. Transitions words can be used to link sentences together. This can be done either by repeating a key term, or by using words such as “additionally” or “however” at the start of the sentences.
  4. Vary the length of sentences.
  5. Synonyms are your best friend. A variety of words is important.
  6. Avoid floating indexicals. These are pronouns, such as “it”, “they”, “those”, “them, “these” that are used to refer to a specific word. When they are floating, it’s not clear to the reader what these pronouns are referring to. Use nouns instead to make the meaning clear.
  7. Come up with a good, click-friendly title. E.g. nobody wants to read “Facts about Russia”, but people will click on: “10 places in Russia you must see before you die”.

Where you will find the instructions   

You will find instructions at the right side of your task/screen, underneath the colorful buttons. Sometimes you will also find them above each text block. It’s really important to read the instructions because the Client will provide links or documents which are important to read through beforehand.

How long do you have to complete the task?

Our clients gives us tight deadlines to complete the work. We don’t want to let them down so we need you to help us out here!     

When opening a task, you will have 12 hours to complete it. If it is returned to you with some feedback and advice on some changes you need to make, you will then have 24 hours to do the required correction.

What to look out for:

  1. Errors in spelling and grammar. Remember, spell check is a simple yet life-saving tool to have!
  2. Unnecessary or empty conjunctions, like  “so”, “thus”, “while”, “therefore”.
  3. Too-long sentences that could easily be broken up in order to improve the reading flow.
  4. Too-short sentences.
  5. Colloquial terms; unless the style requires them.
  6. Assertions without evidence.
  7. Overstatements.

Additional resources

We have some other guides that you’ll probably find useful to read, especially if you are about to start writing a casino or slot review. So click on casino or slot to start your next reading.

Oh, and once again:

Double-check instructions have been followed – you won’t regret it!

And in case you encounter any difficulty, we have online chat available at certain times. One of our Content Managers will help you out!

Happy writing and stay awesome!

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