Introduction to writing

Congratulations on becoming a writer with us! Writing content can be an awesome way for you to earn money whilst embracing a new way of working. Writing with us will allow you to enjoy the freedom of working whenever and from wherever you like. We have some tips for you to help you become a great writer.

Completing tasks

On your Task Board, you will be able to see all available tasks for you to choose from according to your skill(s) in Topcontent. The tasks available are requested by different clients. Clients will have specific needs and requirements in order for us to deliver the writing for them in the best way possible.

When grabbing a task to write, you will always have instructions that will help you identify the style and technique you need to write and complete the task. These instructions, together with your language skills and work ethic, will surely produce amazing content. Once all requirements are met, you can submit the task. A submitted writing task will be pending until checked and approved by a proofreader.

We want to help as much as we can!

How can anyone improve without receiving feedback? You’re not alone when you join us. You’re part of a bigger team that is working alongside you to deliver great work. Once you submit your task, a fellow freelancer will be proofreading what you have written. They will also run your text through an online tool just to make sure that none of the content has been plagiarized – we need to make sure all content is unique!

After checking the content, if we think that maybe it could be improved, we’re going to get back to you with feedback and advice on how you can improve your writing. The more feedback you get, the more you will improve and learn and the quicker you will be able to write other tasks in the future. The quicker and better you are, the more you can write so the more you can earn! Win-win for everyone!

What we need you to do

Reading all instructions is really important. The instructions will guide you on how the content should be written and also ensure that you deliver quality content at the first attempt. Remember, the instructions come directly from the client so it’s important we deliver what they want.

Some instructions will include links and keywords that will be required when you write the text. It’s important that you understand how these need to be written and where they need to be included.

Where will you find the instructions?

You will find instructions at the right side of your task/screen, underneath the colourful buttons. Sometimes you will also find them above each text block. The client might also provide links or documents with further instructions or inspiration which are important to read through before starting the task.

How long do you have to complete the task?

Our clients give us tight deadlines to complete the work. We don’t want to let them down so we need you to help us out here!

When opening a task, you will have 12 hours to complete it. If it is returned to you with some feedback and advice on some changes you need to make, you will then have 24 hours to do the required correction. If a task is privately assigned to you, the deadline might be shorter or longer than 12 hours.

When you accept a task, you will have two hours to start working on it. If no work has been done within two hours, this will be considered that you do not intend to finish this task within the deadline and it will be auto-dropped and sent back to the public Task Board. The reason for this auto-drop is to eliminate the risk of the task not being completed within the deadline. 

Additional resources

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Oh, and once again:

Double-check instructions have been followed – you won’t regret it!

And in case you encounter any difficulty, we have you can read about how to get help here. One of our Content Managers will help you out!

For more detailed instructions on how to build your article, read this guide on How to build your text from start to finish.

Happy writing and stay awesome!

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