• How can I get help when working in Topcontent?

    Topcontent has several ways for you to get help. Learn more about our guides, live chat, technical problem tasks, and contacting Content Managers.

  • Daily tasks notification

    More information on the Daily Tasks notification email sent out every day (if tasks are available according to your skills), including how to opt out from the notification.

  • How the Task Evaluation form works

    A guide on how the Done-button return and auto-generated feedback works for proofreaders and QC.

  • Technical stuff!

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about technical stuff such as tasks, payment and getting help in Topcontent.

  • A quick guide on using Copyscape

    A guide on how we use “Copyscape” to check that all content created in Topcontent is unique, and how to understand and use this tool as a freelancer.

  • Payments

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about Payments, including terms and conditions, contracts, taxes and how we set renumeration.

  • New tasks that are already started

    What to do with tasks that are already started or fully written by another freelancer; follow instructions and feedback given.

  • Topcontent Terminology

    Topcontent Terminology: A list of words that we use in our system and communication, and what they mean!

  • Removing Skills from a Freelancer’s Account

    Sometimes we remove the skills of our freelancers. Here are some examples when you can have skills removed or an account could be deleted.

  • Code of Conduct

    Our Code of Conduct, including how we communicate feedback and what is not accepted in our system.