Topcontent Terminology

All companies use words in a way that means something to the employees but could mean something completely different if you are not used to the lingo! So, let us explain a few words you will seeā€¦ a lot!



All* tasks have a 12-hour deadline. If the task is not completed by then, the task will auto-drop and return back to the Task Board.

*An exception to this is when a task has been assigned directly to you by a Project Manager. The deadline could then be longer (or shorter).



BQ stands for Business Quality, which is a step up from our Standard Quality. BQ tasks are only available for freelancers who have shown excellent quality and therefore have been granted this additional skill. These tasks will require more time and effort than Standard Quality.

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Copyscape is a tool that checks for plagiarism. All tasks sent through Topcontent will be checked in Copyscape to make sure that all content is 100% unique. If a percentage of a task is plagiarised, Copyscape will flag this, give a percentage and mark the parts of a text that need to be rewritten.

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When a task is ready to deliver, it is sent forward by clicking ‘Done’. The task is checked and, once approved, it will be pending payment.


A task can be dropped if a freelancer decides to quit the task they have taken before completing it. When this happens, the task goes back to the Task Board for another freelancer to grab it.



Your accumulated balance of the tasks you have completed (and gotten approved). Paid out at the end of every month.


Private Tasks

If a Project Manager has privately assigned a task (or several) to your account, you will receive an email about the task. The task(s) can then be found by filtering by checking the ‘Private Tasks’ section in your Task Board.

Public Tasks

Public tasks are tasks that are available to everyone (according to their skills); not privately assigned or returned to a specific freelancer.


Returned Tasks

If a task has been returned to you after being checked, you will receive an email about the task. The task(s) can then be found on your Task Board with an icon marking that it’s been returned. When you open it, you will see feedback from the proofreader/QCer or Project Manager.



QC stands for Quality Check. All BQ tasks in Topcontent go through three stages: Phase one, Proofreading, and Quality Check (QC). QC is a final check to make sure that all instructions are followed and that the proofreader has done a good job.



Skills refer to the type of tasks a freelancer is eligible for, in their language(s). The list of skills are:

  • Writing, SQ/BQ
  • Proofreading content, SQ/BQ
  • Quality Checking content, SQ/BQ
  • Translating, SQ/BQ
  • Proofreading translations, SQ/BQ
  • Quality Checking translations, SQ/BQ


SQ stands for Standard Quality. When you first sign up with Topcontent, you will be able to access SQ writing tasks in your native language. This is the quality most clients order for large-volume projects. A step up from this is BQ.



A task is an actual assignment that is uploaded to the Task Board for a freelancer to complete. The task could be a writing, proofreading, translation or quality check task.

Task Board

The Task Board is where you will find new tasks available for you to claim as well as tasks privately assigned or returned to you.

Task ID

Each task will have a unique ID of six digits. You will find it at the top of your task and in the URL (example: Please always refer to the specific task ID if you have questions regarding a task. Do not refer to the title of the task, etc.

Technical Issues

If you have any problems or questions regarding a task you have open you can send it to Technical Issues for a Project Manager to review. You do this by clicking the ‘Drop’ at the top of the instructions box and selecting ‘Technical Issue’.

Read through this guide to learn more.


Topcontent is our brand name. Writers and clients both know us as Topcontent. The name of our system is also Topcontent.

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